Great colours on the Picos de Europa mountains this morning! We're moving on today, but it's a nice send off smile


What has been our home this week. Not a bad spot I guess wink Thanks to the olds for having us! grin


More roadside randomness. Approaching Potes on the way home. Beautiful countryside around here! #StateTheObvious wink


Most of this has been downhill... until now. One small bump to get over to reach the village at the end of the trail.


Yet more, 'Oh look, we're walking along a cliff' pictures. It's like this a lot of the way and just spectacular!


Some of the tunnels (although these are very short) cut into the cliff face in Cares Gorge. Yet more amazement!


Having fun in Cares Gorge. Perfect day for a hike! grin


Continuing on... Getting a little sun in this deep gorge in the afternoon was very welcome! Amazing place!


Obligatory 'Pratiwi is the red dot' pics walking along a path cut into the cliff face! Awesome & not scary at all! tongue


Starting out on walk through Cares Gorge. Bit cold, dark & damp in the opening section despite being close to noon.


The view from Mirador de Pandetrave and again just a little down the road. Shaping up to be a great day! smile