Walkies! wink Helping neighbour with his unruly donkeys. Pls excuse my attire: been shovelling gravel & rocks all day!


More beaches & beautiful little villages today. Gotta say am liking the off season here - quiet & perfect weather smile


Today's ride: From Spanish coast into hills & back, then coastal road dropping down to the occasional beach. Awesome!


Today's ride: popped over into Spain, as you do wink It's all Basque Country though & such a beautiful region. Love it!


Port de Lers & Col de Port. Former a testy little bugger who's stats don't do it justice. Absolutely beautiful tho.


Today's ride: Just a short one, but found some crazy hairpins above Verdun here in the Ariege. Niiiiice smile


Beautiful day for big cols but August weekend means lots of tourist traffic up there. 105km in the foothills instead!


Insert obligatory beer... erm... banana shot! wink Today's perfection at Hautacam & Col du Tramessel. Cheers!? grin


Smashed my PR up East side of the Tourmalet. Loving 25-30C temps so pretty Aussie still - locals hate this 'heat'! wink


Ride to Atlantic & back via some, erm, interesting 'roads'! It ain't Sydney sad But then again - it ain't Sydney smile wink


Today's ride: Basque Epic from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Brutal gradients. Beautiful scenery. To Spanish border & back.


Sublime Col d'Aspin today: PR the climb, home in time for stage 1 of le Tour, beer & delicious lunch. Life is good smile


Riding past snowdrifts in full summer kit: what a day! Personal best time for Tourmalet West too #FasterWithAge wink smile


Mates teasing me about lack of MTB action, so here you go: Bike. Dirt. Mountains! wink Just another day in paradise smile


Well slap my thigh! wink Col d'Aspin... on Feb 16... in shorts! Set a PR too so double awesome! Happy days! grin grin


Today's ride: found a deer trapped by wire fence so helped it escape & run off hopefully unscathed. PS: was nippy! wink


Today's ride: Cols Ichere & Lie. No big climbs as taking it easy. Not that several km of almost 10% is *that* easy wink


Today's ride: just a little local spin in the foothills. What a day for it though! smile


On today's ride: little bridge crossing the River Ousse. Still so many little gems like this to discover near home smile


Today's ride: Back on cliffs above Saint-Cirq-Lapopie because... why not? Few drops of rain a welcome refreshment!


Beaut Baronnies ride this morning. Road in the background is typical of the area: nothing straight & nothing flat! grin


Beautiful day up top smile Felt knackered when leaving home but much better after this. Wish it was always the way! wink


Glorious day to ride the Col d'Aspin. Not much traffic but loads of riders out... and cattle... Moo! wink smile :)


Guess there are worse places to be forced to ride a trainer wink Easy spin in the sunshine, perfect conditions smile


Our w/e trip to Lisbon cancelled for obvs reasons sad However, there are worse places to be stuck wink #SelfIsolation wink


Today's ride: Hourquette d'Ancizan & Col d'Aspin. In the middle of winter. In shorts (you can't see) wink Ridiculous!


Bit stormy last night, left plenty of nice fresh stuff up here. Calm & sunny all day skiing with friends. Awesome! grin


What. A. Day!!!! Couple of ski days in the legs this week but they seemed to go OK - bonus! grin


First week of December & on the slopes already! Awesome conditions for this time of year. More of the same please! smile


Last day of 'summer' (in October!)? Tourmalet loop this morning. Beer by (friend's) pool this arvo! Perfect thx guys!


Crossing a surprisingly clear river Rhine on today's ride... where the Swiss/German border was also crossed 5 times!


Afternoon ride: Passo Valparola... as you can never ride too many epic passes in a day (before it starts to rain)! wink


When visitors ask to ride the Tourmalet. Erm, OK, if we must! wink Social time, so beers at the top. Cheers! grin


When friends with silly sunnies come to visit... wink Enjoying glass of wine & couple of pintxos at the local market.


Fete Pastoral: beautiful setting slightly tainted by bad organisation. Thanks to jolly friends made it through! wink grin


Short ride up little hill with a million of my closest friends wink Tourmalet on TdF day. Absolute insanity! Love it!


Stunning Lac d'Artouste. 2000m up, but with the sunshine today & that crystal clear water, feels almost tropical.


Middle of a heatwave? Time to head for the hills! wink Col d'Aspin was wonderfully refreshing. Moooooo! grin


Messing about at the Opera... I have no idea why! wink


Perfect day for a ride up Hautacam. Slow pace both up & down so plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine & views grin


Cruise round the Argeles-Gazost valley this morning. Beautiful view as ever from Saint-Savin & perfect conditions smile


... struggled through this wink ... (2/3)...


Yesterday I skied over 8000m vertical in the mountains in the background. Today riding in full summer kit. Love it smile


Another great day on the slopes. Making the most of the sun & snow. Thanks to you guys for dragging me around! grin


Pyrenees MTB: 13km@7.5% average. Outstanding view & brutal when out of shape! Time to smell flowers on the descent wink


Cruising hills just North of home. Mostly firetrail. Bit of sniggle. But hey, it's dirt & the views are magnificent!


Normal programming will resume shortly smile But after 3 months off even trundle to next village with Pratiwi not easy!


Day out in the big city... wink Oooh, they have a proper curry house here. Jalfrezi please! Nom, nom, nom! Cheers! tongue


Out cycling today was stopped by police & then asked to hold this sign as a bunch of randoms rode by! wink Awesome! grin


Easy like Sunday morning?! wink Oh, & the fingerprint scanner on my phone doesn't work any more! #NoFingerprintsLeft sad