Caught out in the rain for the fist time all year & this is the result. Yerch! sad Lucky this doesn't happen often!


Short walk near Lac de Payolle. Well, it' can't be glorious sunshine all the time & besides, I quite like the mist tongue


Someone had a wonderful time playing in fields & the stream by the road today. Why dog folk can't have nice cars! wink


Might have rained a bit last night... wink Still, sun was out this morning while we were out walking & then I got the bike out. Bonus! smile


Told you I'd get a chance to try the new gear. Just back from few hours walking in the rain. Dry as a bone. Love it!


Beautiful Norwegian fjords wink We are literally 3m from water's edge but can't see a thing except rain & cloud. Doh!


After spending all morning shooting in rain improvised lens drying kit: 1kg of rice & an airtight bag. Seems to work.


Is this a sign? Where's that link to online check in?! wink #Rain #DontCare #StillBestDayEver #LastDayAtWork grin


Just back from cycling. GPS says it was 35° out. Phew! Pratiwi thought she'd have some fun while I stretch: Bliss!